We all enjoy the anticipation and excitement associated with a holiday getaway. You've been spending a lot of time in the busy city and you feel like you deserve some time off to relax. You have the beach in your mind and can't wait to feel the sand. But wait! Have you ever considered going on a city break? What is a city break? You ask. According to most travel websites, a city break is a "short package holiday to a major city which includes transportation and hotel accommodation".

Derry is a city in Ireland considered one of the best places to go on a city break. The walled city is the fourth largest city in Ireland and a popular tourist destination in Europe. There are many derry city hotel breaks packages to choose from, making it easy to locate a service that suits your individual needs.

While its always exciting to feel the sand between your toes, you might find more satisfaction going on city breaks whenever you want to relax. This is why.

Great in All Weather Conditions

When it starts to rain at the beach, that is pretty much the end of the fun. This is not the case in a Derry city break. When it rains in the city there is still so much you can do and get value for your money. For instance, it doesn't need to be sunny to hit the museums and galleries. You can as well stop in one of the many bars and coffee shops and make some new friends as you watch the time go by.

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Suit any Budget

Most people assume that simply because hotels are in tourist-magnet cities, that they must be super expensive. However, city breaks needn't break your bank. Derry in particular has a wide variety of hotels that are willing to work with those on a budget. There are many other ways to save money on a city break, making it suitable for almost anybody.

How to Choose City Breaks in Derry

Budget -- One of the most important things to consider when planning for the trip is cost. It is best that you set a budget, setting aside the maximum amount you are willing to spend. Some people are willing to spend 1000 for a three day break, while others don't want to exceed 500. You'll find a package for anyone but having a budget at the initial stages of your planning will be a great idea.

Accommodation -- Having a nice place to lie down after a busy day of touring is great. When choosing accommodation, consider price and nearness to the places you'd like to visit. This is especially important if you are working on a budget.

Whether you are traveling alone or with company, it is important that you have everything planned out before setting out for any type of holiday getaway. This will not only ensure your time is well spent in the city, but also save you money.